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Eco Corner

By Jake Reiner

Eco Corner


250Eco Conflict
Car vs. Sea Turtle

Tata Motors of India has released the Nano, a four-seat micro-car that gets 50 mpg and will put young families on the road for less than $3,000. The fuel efficiency is something for which to be thankful, and emissions will be cleaner than the millions of scooters the Nano should replace. But farmers in West Bengal are burning the car in effigy to protest being evicted from their fields to build a new factory, and Greenpeace is running a campaign against Tata’s giant port construction at Dhamra, which threatens to destroy nesting grounds of the endangered Olive Ridley Turtle. So thanks Tata for trying, and thanks Greenpeace for trying to get them to do it better.


250Eco Desert
Organic Apple Pie and Fresh Brownies

What is better than apple pie and hot cocoa on a cool autumn night? The fine folks at Tengu Natural Foods will deliver Amy’s Apple Pie, made with kosher, organic apples, frozen to your door. On Thursdays, they ship moist vegan brownies made with all natural ingredients. Fair trade cocoa from Bolivia and JAS certified organic Indian chai are the perfect hot drink to wash down the crumbs. Tengu’s Alishan Café along the Koma River in Chichibu also makes a nice day trip from Tokyo.


250Eco Italian
Bio Trattoria Seno

This cozy Italian style restaurant in Akasaka, Tokyo, offers a fine selection of seasonal dishes made with high-quality ingredients from Europe and Japan. Not your typical no-fun health-food menu, andy ou will be pleased to find a full selection of meats, fishes and bio-dynamic French wines. The salad bar is stocked with fresh organic vegetables from Japan and the pizzas are homemade with organic flour. Lunches are about ¥1,000 and full course dinners start at ¥3,000. Five-minute walk from Exit 6 of Akasaka Station.


250Eco Inaka
Nagano Farm Experience

Looking for an authentic Japanese experience off the busy tourist trail? H.I.S. Tours is offering a Nagano Farm Experience. Stay in a farmhouse lodge in Iiyama (northern Nagano) and make bamboo chopsticks, cook bamboo sushi and soba noodles and join local farmers working in the fields. Iiyama is near several natural hot springs, features the Iiyama Castle ruins and Zenko-ji Temple in Nagano City isn’t far away.