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Trail Recipes

By Akira Suzuki

Tandoori Mixed Grill


Tandoori paste

You’ll want to enjoy this issue’s recipe, tandoori mixed grill, with some cold beer or white wine. The rich, red color of the shrimp and chicken, which comes from paprika, is enough get the appetite going, while the fragrance of the spices will really get your mouth watering. This dish is on the menu of any Indian restaurant, but most people don’t know how easy it is to make tandoori grill at home.

The tandoori base of this recipe contains red pepper, paprika, coriander and other spices in a paste of beans, nuts, onion and garlic mixed with oil and vinegar. It’s easily available at grocery stores and easy to use and, by adding a little cumin and turmeric to the paste, you also have a great curry base as well.

Making the tandoori mixed grill is simple. Mix together tandoori paste and plain yogurt and add shrimp, chicken, fish and vegetables to be grilled later. Put everything into a Zip-lock bag in the morning, and it will be perfect for dinner. In fact, it’s best if the ingredients can sit through the day, so all the flavor of the paste can be absorbed. It’s an ideal recipe for camping, because you can put it together from the very start.

Tandoori grill is officially made by grilling or roasting skewered ingredients in a tandoor–a round oven—but that’s not possible in the woods. A charcoal grill or frying pan will work just fine. Skewering the ingredients and cooking over an open fire is another good alternative. I’d recommend this to anyone who likes barbecuing skewers outdoors; just don’t be surprised if the wonderful curry fragrance has others wandering over to your camp. 

Step 1
Mix the tandoori paste together with plain yogurt. For a spicy dish, mix the two in equal quantities; those who don’t like spicy food should add two parts yogurt to one part tandoori paste.

Step 2
In a plastic Zip-lock bag, add the shrimp, chicken and other ingredients to the paste-yogurt mix and let stand for at least a half-day. Be sure to mix all the ingredients and paste thoroughly in the bag. Apart from the hottest days of summer, it’s no problem to leave the mix standing in normal temperatures. Then simply grill over a charcoal fire or in a frying pan, and the dish is ready.