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The Local Brew

By Bryan Harrell

Moku Moku Beer


The inception of beer was a result of the advent of agriculture, the organized human activity that puts food on our collective tables. So, before we celebrate beer, we should pay tribute to farming.

One of the most enjoyable places bringing these traditions together is the Moku Moku “Handmade” Farm. This multi-faceted facility is located halfway between Osaka and Nagoya, lodged in the mountains in Iga City, equidistant from Kyoto and Nara.

Moku Moku is a monument to food production, and a great place to take children, so they can familiarize themselves with the creation of a wide range of food products.

On display for everyone to see are all the good things – ham, sausage, Asian-style barbecued pork, rice, vegetables, tofu, whole-grain breads, cookies and sweets, milk, and – you guessed it – beer. Not just ordinary beer, but a good variety of craft beers. All in the farm context – what a great way to put beer in its proper place.

From April to December, brewery tours are offered every day at no charge, but times and numbers are limited, so advance reservations are required. The brewing equipment was imported from the Czech Republic, and several varieties of beer are produced.

The most popular are Pilsener, Weizen, Pale Ale and Amber Ale along with a few interesting seasonals from time to time, including a hearty Barley wine and an interesting Smoked Ale.

You can also enjoy Moku Moku beer at two restaurants in Nagoya: Moku Moku Nojo Restaurant and at Moku Moku Kaze no Budo. Both serve food primarily grown at the farm.

There are several other Moku Moku restaurants in Matsuzaka, Suzuka, Tsu and other places in the region. Moku Moku has an extensive Website with loads of photos, so visit for more details on the restaurants, the farm and the craft beer

Moku Moku Farm
3609 Nishi Yubune, Iga City, Mie
Tel: (0595) 43-0909 (in Japanese)
Web: www.moku-moku.com