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Trail Recipes

By Akira Suzuki

Pasta Soup in 90 seconds


Short-cut pasta
Instant soup mix
Basil, oregano

Because they really stick to your stomach, pastas such as macaroni and spaghetti are easy to cook and great for camp menus. Japanese often say they can’t get going without filling up on a rice-based meal and, oddly enough, pasta takes on the same role overseas. For example, tri-athletes who consume huge amounts of energy change their diets to center around carbohydrate-filled pastas before events.

In terms of camping, some would argue that, because pasta has to be eaten after it’s boiled, it can often be a waste of water and fuel. However there are pastas that can simply be added to soup, as well as “quick-boil” types. We used a pasta from “Ma-Mah” called “Hayayude Pasta Kururu” which cooked in 90 seconds. Not only will this take care of the empty (and often noisy) stomachs of those who just can’t wait, but it also saves on fuel. These kinds of foods show up at supermarkets often, so it’s a good idea to scan the shelves now and again.

This month’s recipe is spaghetti soup made with instant soup mix and short-cut pasta, to which we recommend adding anything with a tomato flavor.

Incidentally, the secret to “quick-boiling” is in the pre-cooked, pre-processed short-cut pasta. Unlike floured udon, this short-cut pasta doesn’t need to be boiled separately; rather it can be added directly to the soup and gives it a little thickness, which makes the whole dish that much better.

Mix the instant soup mix and pasta in a bowl.

After adding water and heating it, wait for the pasta to boil, at which time you can add basil and oregano to taste—and you’re finished!