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Eco Corner

By Jake Reiner

Choices For Sustainable Lifestyles


Organic Body Care
Organic and Natural Enterprise Group

Have you ever wondered what the heck are cetearyl glucoside, hexyldecanol, peg-2 stearate, diazoldinyl urea, and why they are in your toothpaste, deodorant and shampoo? Personally, I don’t want that stuff in the same room, much less on my body. The Organic and Natural Enterprise Group provides an online catalog of certified organic skin care, personal care, cosmetics and health products.

The ingredients are organically grown and contain no artificial or GM additives, and are not animal-tested. Using these natural products is good for the environment and good for your body. They are also looking for marketing partners in Japan, so try it and, if you like it, quit your job and get on board!

Backcountry Power
Brunton Solar Gear

Whether you are heading toward the slopes or to the beach this season, you will need to charge up your iPod, laptop, cell phone, video camera... Many companies are offering portable solar power accessories, and one of the best is Brunton. Their line of waterproof, foldable and roll-able solar panels are rugged and designed to hook directly into your many gadgets. Prices are coming down every month and, the more we buy, the cheaper they get. Check out their laptop charger SolarRoll and others.

Eco Fashion

We don’t usually think of the impact we are having on the world when we pick up a sweatshirt at Uniqlo or another pair of Nike runners. But with the advent of world trade and the prevalence of child labor and industrial pollution, it is our dollars and yen that ultimately dictate the lifestyles of people all over the world. EDUN, a new clothing brand started with the support of U2’s Bono, is offering an alternative model of design and production that addresses the needs of the people making the clothes as well as the end consumers.
Based on 4 principles: Respect for the people who make the product, Respect for the place where it is made, Respect for the materials and Respect for the consumer, EDUN’s modern but down-to-earth fashions allow you to feel good about what you wear. Save the world through better shopping? Give it a try.

Hybrid Hip
Toyota Harrier Hybrid


Now you can maintain your macho road image and be eco at the same time. Toyota’s latest addition to its hybrid line, the Harrier Hybrid, gets 17.8 km. per liter and still goes 0-to-60 in less than eight seconds. Roomy interior and sexy lines. Great for shooting around town, a big weekend in the snow or a day at the beach. Current waiting list for purchase is up to three months, so order yours soon. Available in black, white, maroon, silver and gold. Visit your local Toyota showroom and take a test drive.

Eco Info Online
Tree Hugger

The future is green. Find it here! This is an amazing Website with all types of environmental related news, products, events and lots more. Read about Liv Tyler’s organic baby diapers and Brad Pitt’s new hybrid SUV. Find ordering info for Amish-made hemp furniture and NEC’s new biodegradable cell phone. See pictures of organic cleaning supplies and cow-free fair trade sneakers. Thousands of articles; millions of readers. Sign up for their weekly newsletter to stay on top of the newest eco options.