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Trail Recipes

By Akira Suzuki

Use Your Noodle


Nissin Chicken Ramen
Provence Herb Mix
Black pepper

Japanese ramen is quite popular on American trails, and the king of these noodles is plain instant ramen. Because it’s difficult to haul water in the mountains, you often see folks ripping open packages and eating it as is. However, even though that would seem similar to the “Baby Star” treats we ate as children, the fact there’s no extra flavors added makes me feel just a bit uneasy.

As simple as it gets. Add the chicken ramen to some boiling water.   

That being said, even though instant chicken ramen is about the best thing out there, the thought of devouring the same thing day after day is not that appealing. My suggestion is to spice up your noodles with some new flavors.

A more orthodox way of mixing things would be to add in an egg with the hot water, however my proposal would be to try some mixed spices; Italian herb mixes such as basil, rosemary, thyme and sage. Just a sprinkling of some of these can turn any variety of bland noodles into something of an Italian soup. These spices are “first row” in my on-the-go spice kit, and even though there are several brands, pretty much anything similar will taste the same.

Let things boil for a minute, then add the Italian herb mix and top off with some pizza sauce if you have it.

Additionally, there’s no need to bring a bowl along with you, because it’s just as easy to break up the noodles and pour them into a mug. In fact, I heard this is how Cup Noodle by Nissin got its start.

There is not much to the cooking directions. Simply drop the noodles in some boiling hot water and sit on your hands for a minute or two. Sprinkle some Italian herb mix on top and you’re done. For an extra kick from the Italian boot, add some pizza sauce.