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Eco Corner

By Jake Reiner

Choices for Sustainable Lifestyles


Eco Gear
Sustainable Snowboards and Skateboards


Summer is finally here, and there’s no better time to order your new snowboard for the upcoming season. The amazing team at Arbor makes some of the most progressive and durable snowboards and skateboards on the market, and they do it using environmentally friendly natural fibers.
Sustainable harvested Hawaiian Koa wood, cork damping stringers and a dedication to environmental production methods make these boards a must for Eco-rippers. Super stylish lines with wooden tops or limited edition graphics and, best of all, they are available all over Japan through Murasaki Sports. But get there soon, ’cuz they are selling fast.

Eco Kinky
Green Erotica Bars

Yet another sign that eco-living is going mainstream, people with “dirty” minds can now let out their inhibitions at eco-friendly erotica bars powered by “clean” energy. Bijo to Yaju (Beauty and the Beast) and Nemureru Bijo no Mori (Sleeping Beauty) in Shibuya encourage customers to get back to nature and drink in their “undies.”
The clubs are powered by Japan Natural Energy Co., which provides electricity from clean sources such as wind power, geothermal and solar energy. The life-sized S&M rabbit mannequin is made from recycled pillows, and all napkins, toilet paper and kinky costumes are made from recycled materials too. Organic foods and beer—if you are going to be sinful, you might as well be eco-friendly about it!

Eco Moth Balls
Lavender Satchel


If you have a sensitive nose as I do, you notice the smell of mothballs on the train every time the seasons change. If, also like me, you also have a touch of eco-paranoia, you’d find mothballs contain Dichlorobenzene (1,4), which is linked to damaging the human nervous system.

So, if you want to keep little critters from eating your best cashmere jumper and wool socks while making your closet fresh and wholesome, Mother Nature has the answer yet again—lavender. A natural anti-biotic and anti-insecticide, lavender is currently booming in Japan, and you can find satchels and oils in many shops. Smells nice too.

Eco Kids
Online Activities


This amazing Website has all sorts of fun stuff for kids to do while learning about the environment. Written in English and produced by the Japan for Sustainability non-profit organization (NGO), it introduces concepts such as eco-shopping, bio-mimicry, car-less living, recycling and more.
Although designed for kids, it actually is a good place for adults to pick up a few techniques for eco lifestyles and even eco business building. Check it out—and bring your crayons. The Japan for Sustainability site is a bit more sophisticated, bi-lingual and a great resource for info on sustainable projects and initiatives in and around Tokyo.

Eco Life
Solar Café & Eden Farm


The heat is here. Tokyo. Summer. Hot. Some days there seems to be no way out. Luckily, cool green sanity lies nearby on the foot of Mt Fuji, less than two hours away. The Solar Café and Eden Farm serve up fresh meals from the garden, warm beds, nice books and amazing views of Fuji-san. Sit at an outside table with a cold one and watch the horses ride by—or go for a ride yourself. Hike through the forest. Go to an ice cave. Check out the lake. Sit in an onsen. Contemplate not going back.