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Outdoor Yoga

By Patrick Oancia

Detoxing Through Yoga


In the course of our lives, we unavoidably become exposed to some very toxic situations. Toxins can develop and accumulate as a product of our lifestyle, a polluted environment, in the food we eat, or having a night or two on the town. Some emotional states of mind even can trigger the release of certain hormones that have a tendency to leave behind toxins.
Some people make a conscious effort to stay clean and free from the toxic invasions of every-day life, but many of us, by circumstance or choice, are directly exposed and vulnerable to some potentially harmful elements out there.   

Basic physical yoga practice can help neutralize and destroy harmful toxins. Yoga stimulates and purifies the lymphatic system, along with aiding in efficient liver and kidney function. The more physically challenging the practice, the more you sweat; hence, toxic release.

However, toxins are also released through breathing and waste. Physical yoga practice promotes healthy digestion, so toxins are more easily expelled from the body. They can also be expelled through many of the stronger breathing techniques practiced in modern day yoga.

People often find, through the continuity of regular practice, they naturally start veering away from toxic situations. Others become aware of what they need to do with yoga to offset the not-so-healthy circumstances in their lives and find that perfect balance.