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Travelers Tune

By Shoutaro Takahashi

Catching ‘The View’ in Dundee


Scotland’s pride and joy, The View, tells us where to hit the pitch in their hometown.

The British music scene has been quite lively as of late, with hit bands popping up across the land. Among these, The View launched their debut album (“Hats Off to the Buskers”) in February, and it promptly reached No. 1 on the U.K. charts. The tempo and solid guitars complement stylish melodies, with just a hint of agony, and not a throwaway song among them. If you’re into the Libertines, this album should hit the spot.

I spoke with members Kyle (guitar/bass/vocals) and Pete (guitar). Both are from Dundee, Scotland, but Kyle kicked off saying, “Edinburgh is actually much larger than Dundee, it was the location for the movie ‘Trainspotting’ and might be more interesting.”

Perhaps he’s just being modest about his hometown, so I tried to pry out some local answers by asking about their recommendations for someone doing a three-day, two-night stay in Dundee.

“Hmm…three days, two nights, eh?” countered Pete.

”Well, there are two pro soccer teams in Dundee, Dundee United and Dundee FC. Their stadiums sit right next to each other, not even 100 meters apart. On weekends both sets of fans show up, and it turns into quite a spectacle. The game aside, this scene alone is worth the trip.”

Two stadiums this close definitely makes for an unusual experience, but for three days we might need a bit more filler. Dundee United is in the same Scottish Premiere League as Celtics, the popular club where Shunsuke Nakamura hangs his cleats. Dundee FC is currently one league below, preventing fans from enjoying a “Dundee Derby” – sure to be a raucous occasion.

“In our hometown, when the weekend comes, fathers and sons usually head out for some soccer or golf,” says Pete.

“The birthplace of golf, St. Andrews, is right around the corner, thus making golf a familiar pastime. In Dundee, when someone asks, ‘You wanna head out?’ it’s usually to either the pitch or the greens. The prices are cheap and would be perfect for a trip to Dundee.”

The View’s debut wax and a few of their other picks:

The View
Hats Off to the Buskers

The debut album tops the list. “It’s an album with energy and a really good vibe. The sound is raw like one of our live shows. Hope you have a listen.”

Paolo Nutini
These Streets

Solo artist Paolo Nutini. “It’s acoustic but really pop. He’s an amazing singer-songwriter and will assuredly be a hit.”

First Comes First

These newbies mix influences from The Pistols and The Clash. “It’s basically energy-filled punk rock. They’re good people.”

Arctic Monkeys
Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not

The two bands are often compared, so they may be a reluctant addition to the list. “They’re popular and doing well.”