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Trail Recipes

By Akira Suzuki

One in the Oven: Gratin - Making the Most of Leftovers, Part 2


 Leftover bread
 Tomato sauce or white sauce
 Black Pepper
 Salad Oil or Olive Oil

Continuing our journey to discover what to do with leftover bread, this issue we introduce “Gratin Bread,” a main dish with the looks and smell that win rave reviews.

Most people mistakenly associate “oven-style” cooking with the necessity for lots of tools and preparation, when really all you need is a frying pan with a lid or some aluminum foil. As long as you can keep in the heat, you’re set.

A gas torch comes in handy for those who like their topsides crispy and also makes for an easy way to start campfires and get your coals cooking. When cooking over the campfire, feel free to wave a burning ember over the top of the dish to achieve the same effect – a method which speaks more to the naturalist in all of us.

You can use sliced bread, French bread, or bread with nuts for a little added kick. If you use regular sandwich bread, make sure it’s dried out so the final product doesn’t end up soggy.

1. Pour in your red (or white) sauce, top off with cheese and cook in an oven or frying pan with a lid (or one made of aluminum foil).Turn up the heat, but don’t let things burn.When the cheese on top has melted, you’re ready to dig in.

For sauce, you can keep things simple with a basic tomato sauce, or spice it up with a pizza sauce, salsa or meat sauce – anything’s fine. If you’re looking to go with a white sauce, I recommend something of the cream stew variety. There are canned and packaged varieties which have quite a rich taste, so use these sparingly to keep the flavor balanced.

2.Cut the onions into bite-sized slices and fry in salad or olive oil. Add the diced-up bread and continue to cook, letting it suck up the oil.