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Outdoor Yoga

By Shinji Ohmori

Summer Leg Stretch


Practicing yoga beneath warm sun rays will help loosen stiff muscles while fresh air also helps clear impurities from the body. A sunny morning right after a rain is a great time to do yoga outside while awakening your (five) senses and feeling the subtle changes in your body and the world around you. The poses in this issue are a reverse triangle and a leg stretch, both should be started from the “down dog” pose. Done separately is fine, but done in sequence will produce great results.

Down Dog Leg Stretch

 1. Keep your hands fully flat on the ground, push back placing weight evenly on your ankles.
 2. Keep your eyes on your navel, neck relaxed.
 3. Focus on your elbows and knees keeping them fully extended.
 4. Lift your right leg up and back, stretch from your hand all the way to your foot.
 5. Try to hold the leg aloft for five full breaths, focus on expelling old, stale air and breathing in clean air.
 6. Make sure not to tighten your shoulders, keeping your neck long.
 7. Your face should also be soft and relaxed.
 8. Release your leg back down and repeat on the other side.

Reverse Triangle Pose

 1. Stand in triangle pose, balance your weight evenly on both feet.
 2. Press strongly into the ground with the outside of your left foot.
 3. Bring your left hand down to the inside of your right foot. Keep your elbows and knees fully extended.
 4. Lift your gaze up to your right hand, while maintaining your balance.
 5. Focus on keeping a straight line from your right hand all the way to your left hand.
 6. Your left hand should rest on the ground, while keeping your weight on your feet not your hand.
 7. Make sure the twist is originating from your hips and not just the upper body.
 8. Try holding the pose for five full breaths, focus on expelling deeply and bringing in clean air.
 9. Release the pose, rest for a few breaths and repeat on the other side.