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By Hikaru Bruntland

Memories of Sound


You find yourself in a store right when an old chart-topper comes across the speakers, instantly transporting you back in time to the “you” of yesteryear. We’ve all had this type of experience.

If we close our eyes and listen, it’s amazing how surrounded by sound we are in our daily lives. The wind as it blows past the buildings. Cars passing by in the street. Boxes being pulled from delivery trucks. The crying of a child after being scolded by their mother on the way home from shopping. Even the sound of your own breathing...

In this issue I’d like to introduce some new sounds for your daily life. The full-length album Nada is filled with the sounds of flutes, acoustic guitars and universally positive messages sung in Sanskrit. The 70 minutes of African drum-based holistic rhythms and relaxed tones create quite the transcendental environment, perfect for yoga and relaxation.

Directions and explanations regarding poses for relaxation and yoga breathing techniques are included, and the CD will definitely help you on your way to maintaining a balance between mind and body, livening up your spirit and remembering the sounds which have a special place in your own memory.

Nada-Ambient Percussion for Yoga and Relaxation

For more information, visit http://savannaco.blog.drecom.jp/archive/50.
You can also listen in at http://www.myspace.com/yoganada.