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Outdoor Yoga

By Shinji Ohmori

Bow Pose


Yoga defines itself by using various poses to enhance self-awareness of both body and mind.

The Bow Pose provides the following benefits:

    Improves flexibility of the spine
    Aligns the internal organs of the abdomen
    Softens lower-back pain
    Lessens the effects of constipation and dyspepsia
    Improves the working of both muscles and nerves in the shoulders, arms and legs

Practice Tips:

1. Lie facedown on the ground.
2. Bend your legs, bring your feet back toward your head, then reach back and grab your ankles with both hands.
3. Inhale deeply and hold the pose as long as possible, keeping your shoulders and knees off the ground.
4. When practicing this pose, fully extend your arms and legs keeping your body shape like a bow.
5. Go back to your original pose as exhaling slowly.

Note: If you have a heart trouble or high blood pressure, keep this exercise short