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Trail Recipes

By Hikaru Bruntland

The Secret of the Daikon


Autumn’s harvest is upon us, bringing all the flavors of the season - from fall vegetable tempura, to the Pacific saury fish - directly to your plate.
However, have you ever given time and thought to the ubiquitous daikon oroshi (grated Japanese radish) served with these great dishes?
 While raw daikon is known for breaking down fats in the food you are eating, the dried variety is useful in breaking up stored fats from previous meals and washing them out of your system. The strips of dried daikon popping up throughout macrobiotic recipes find their way into salads and soups. However, for those who may have over-indulged or found themselves dining out too much recently, try out this easy-to-make recipe for dried daikon tea.
1. Lightly wash the dried daikon.
2. Boil the daikon for 20 minutes in an amount of water four times that of the daikon.
3. Drink a cup of the broth during your meal.

Hint: Because of the drink’s diuretic properties, please consider the timing, and take care not to drink too much.