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Eco Corner

By Jake Reiner

Choices for Sustainable Lifestyles


Eco Shredding
Sustainable Snowboards

Venture Snowboards of Colorado handcrafts each board using sustainable harvested hardwoods while minimizing environmental impact. The company is 100 percent wind-powered and offers hemp and organic cotton top sheet options. And, to top it off, they donate a portion of profits to conservation through one percent For The Planet (www.onepercentfortheplanet.org).
Our old friends at Arbor Sports have also expanded their line of eco-friendly bamboo snowboards. Bamboo is a renewable resource and gives the boards great resilience. The boards are available at select dealers in Japan, so keep an eye out for their hot new designs.

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Eco Navigation
Don’t Get Lost with Solar Powered GPS Logger

This season as you venture into the backcountry, you won’t have to worry about getting lost if you have an i-Blue757 Pro GPS logger in your pack. The solar-powered device allows you to track yourself on Google Earth as you carve down the slope. Back-up batteries keep you powered on cloudy days, and it will run more than 100 hours in direct sunlight. Bluetooth compatible and weighing only 105 grams, it won’t slow you down. It’s also great for navigating those narrow backstreets in urban Japan.
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Eco Fashion
HUK Snow Wear

Fashion hits the slopes this year with a conscience. HUK’s cool T-shirts for skiers and snowboarders are printed on organic cotton and five percent of every sale goes to the ethicSnow fund (www.ethicsnow.co.uk). The company is dedicated to business that doesn’t exploit anyone, anywhere. They ship using biodegradable “Eco Polly Jackets” and welcome international orders. Also check out their sponsorship for non-professional rad riders.
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Eco Fast Food
Mos Burger’s No Meat Menu

So you want to eat healthy and responsibly, but sometimes you have a craving for a fast, greasy burger? Moss Burger was founded in the 1970s as a Japanese slow burger alternative to American style fast food. For vegetarians the gobo (burdock root) burger on a rice bun is a nice option. Their veggies and beef are grown with low chemical input and they support a number of CSR programs (Corporate Social Responsibility). Overall they are helping set the trend for eco-friendly business in Japan—and it tastes good too!
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Eco Protection
Safe Sex with Vegan Condoms

Today even the most “bare” moments are fair game for tree huggers.  Hardcore vegans can now do the “wild thing” guilt free with latex condoms derived from trees, which include a milk-based enzyme. Glyde offers a line of animal-free condoms and with water-based lubricants plus “condoms for her.” Of course, please don’t recycle or flush! Available in Tokyo at Love Piece Club. Tel: (03) 5775-3842.

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