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Adventures of the Hokkaido Bush Pig

By The Hokkaido Bush Pig

The Pigs Christmas Wish List


The season of merry and cheer is nearly here, and it is time to make my wish list for the man in the red suit and the long white beard. Nothing puts a smile on The Bush Pig’s face on Christmas Day faster than some brand new outdoor gear.

For me, the start of the winter season means one thing—winter camping.  This Pig loves to be out in the middle of nowhere, sitting outside the tent with a cup of hot sake in hand, looking up at a clear winter sky. What else could you ask for? Well, maybe some new gear. Here’s my wish list. I hope Santa (or my wife) reads this, and there might be a thing or two you’ve been wishing for too…

1. New 4 Season Tent

Being a Kiwi, I’ve always wanted a Macpac tent because, in my opinion, you just can’t find anything better. Unfortunately, you can’t buy them here, so my next choice would be the Marmot Thor Tent. I know a couple of people who use it, and they just love this tent in winter. If you can’t get Macpac, go Marmot.

Maker: Marmot. Type: Thor Tent. Web: www.marmot.com

2. New 4-Season Down Seeping Bag

One thing you may or may not know is pigs really feel the cold—especially this one. If you want to stay warm on minus-30 and below Hokkaido winter nights, go with a Marmot 800 fill down bag.

Type: CWM EQ -40

3. New Backpack

All my friends in New Zealand use nothing but Macpac backpacks so, when I tell them I don’t have one in Japan, they think I’m absolutely nuts. I just found out you can get them here, so this is definitely on the wish list.

Maker: Macpac
Type: Glissade
Web: www.goldwin.co.jp/macpac/ or www.macpac.co.nz

4. New 4-Season (long) Sleeping Pad

I know pigs love to sleep in mud and, believe me, this Pig has no problem getting muddy, but it is time to step up on the comfort scale.

Maker: Therm-a-Rest.
Type: ProLite 4
Web: www.thermarest.com

5. New GPS and Personal Locator Beacon

The Pig’s a bit old-school, so it’s time I caught up with the times and had a new toy with which to play. This gadget is a GPS and Personal Locator Beacon all-in-one unit. I love it when you buy one and get two. It almost makes you want to get lost! Also check out the brand new smaller model too, the MicroFix 406.

Maker: ACR Electronics
Type: ACR TerraFix 406
Web: www.acrterrafix.com

6. New Sunglasses

I had a pair of these last year and never went anywhere with out them. They were the best sunglasses I have ever owned, but I lost them snowmobiling last year, and life just hasn’t been the same since. The Pig has to look cool when he heads outdoors—or he wouldn’t be The Pig.

Maker: Carrera
Type: Kobra Comp
Web: www.carrerasport.com

Wanna reach out and touch The Pig? Contact him at www.hokkaidohikes.com, the home of The Hokkaido Bush Pig.