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Eco Corner

By Jake Reiner

Choices for Sustainable Lifestyles


Eco Speed
Tesla Roadster

The eco crowd just keeps getting faster. How about zero to 60 in less than four seconds? Until now this speed was reserved for super bikes and Lamborghinis. But the electric Tesla Roadster is now on the market and doing it at 135 miles per gallon.
Listed by Forbes as one of the Best Cars of 2006, this little baby is turning heads. And it is the ultimate sustainable vehicle, since the electricity to power can be generated by wind, solar, hydro, bio-fuel, burning banana peels…whatever. Like the car, they are going fast, so get yours quick.

Eco Surfer
Patagonia Wetsuits

Patagonia outdoes itself again with arguably the best wetsuits on the planet. Lined with unbleached Merino wool; they are 90 percent warmer than standard nylon-lined suits. The neoprene is petroleum free and actually made from Japanese limestone.
Built in bio-dynamic non-PVC, kneepads are non-toxic and more durable than any other. And because it’s Patagonia, the line of full suits, spring suits and tops are super stylish with some great features. Check out the dual neck gaskets and the secret car-key pocket.


Eco Warrior
Woody Harrelson

A Natural Born Tree Hugger? Woody Harrelson’s new collaborative book and film, “How to go Further: A Guide to Simple Organic Living,” shows us we all have the power to change the world with a few good tips on how to get started.
“How would you go about changing the world? The fact is there is only one right answer: change yourself first. Become your own ideal, the ideal you want to see in the world around you.”
It is part lifestyle guidebook, part road trip saga, and the book details a Pacific Coast bike trip that is entertaining while inspiring. And of course it's printed on 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper with soy-ink. DVD and book online at www.amazon.com.

Eco Buzz
Burt’s Bees

Long a familiar standard next to the check-out line in health food stores in North America and the UK, Burt’s Bees all-natural lip balms and skin care products have been sighted recently in shops around Japan. The 100 percent natural and completely Earth-friendly products are made with herbs, essential oils and a dash love and care.
The company is also committed to environmental and social causes such as studying bee colony collapse disorder which is wiping out honeybees worldwide. The packaging is so cute and warming; just holding one makes you feel a little better. And the lip gloss comes in many delicious flavors. Just don’t lick too much.