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Adventures of the Hokkaido Bush Pig

By The Hokkaido Bush Pig

The Bush Pig Goes Rambo


In this issue, I am talkin’ knives and, more to the point, if it is better to have a big knife or a small knife on a long trek. I think the main issue here is “horses for courses” but, for me on a long trek, especially in bear country, I like to have big knife.

There are many good big knives out there, and I just so happen to have the one Rambo used in his movies. A lot of you are probably saying, “What? The Bush Pig is a Rambo wannabe?”

Nah, you couldn’t be more wrong. For one, I couldn’t pass for Sylvester Stallone in a million years. And, two, the simple fact is, if things go wrong, I’d rather have a big, sturdy knife than a pocket knife any day.

I should mention I always take a pocket knife out with me as well. It’s great for making repairs, cooking and many other little tasks. But we’ve all heard stories of rocks and tree limbs falling on hikers and climbers, people getting stranded in the woods for weeks at a time, and other extreme circumstances. In an emergency or a survival situation, bigger is better.

A big knife just makes you feel safer, even if it is just in your head, but that can go a long way to getting yourself out of a jam. One of the best things about the knife I have is the handle.

Inside you can keep some basic survival items, such as all-weather and waterproof matches, fishhooks, needles and cotton and more. I wish I could fit a space (survival) blanket in there as well but, unfortunately, that would be stretching it.

Pig Tip: Before every trip, I size down a copy of the map of the area in which I am trekking and keep it in the handle of the knife, which also has a compass on it.

When I am sleeping in my tent and a bear comes around, I feel a lot more comfortable with a big knife in my hands than a small pocket knife. If you had to get out of the tent in a hurry, you quickly feel around to grab your knife. Would feel safer with your small pocket knife or a big, hefty knife?

If a bear did decide to attack me in my tent, I do not think the knife would help too much, but you never know.

Those Rambo movies give big knives a bad reputation, but don’t forget how useful one can be in a survival situation. Why do you think Sly had one? The big Rambo knife can be a bit of overkill, but I never leave home without it in the summer months.
—Word from The Pig