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Outdoor Yoga

By Shinji Ohmori

Breathe Awareness


In everyday life we are generally unaware of our breathing. Try making an effort to practice “breathe awareness.” Feel your breath with your whole body through the following exercise.

1) Breathe naturally through your nose for three rounds.

2) Breathe in silently and make a soft "ah" sound when exhaling. Let the breath and sound vibrate though your torso for three more rounds.

3) Next, breathe in normally; when breathing out this time make an "oh" sound and feel the vibrations in your chest again for three rounds.

4) Next, breathe in normally again, but when breathing out make the sound "mm" by keeping your lips together. Feel the subtle vibrations in your neck and head.  Repeat for three rounds

5) Now breathe in normally, but this time when breathing out, make all the prior sounds in one smooth flowing sound starting from “ah” to “oh” to “mm” or  “AUM.” Let the vibrations move up your torso all the way to your neck.  Repeat this for three rounds as well.

6) Now when breathing in, silently make the “AUM” sound while inhaling. Speak the “AUM” sound aloud as you exhale the same as Step 5. Continue for three more rounds.

7) For the final step, while inhaling and exhaling, say the “AUM” sound only in your mind. Let the sound vibrate silently within your body and mind as you breathe deeply, consciously enjoying your breath and the present moment.